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24 10, 2023

The Role of Door Curtains in Autumn & Winter

2023-10-25T10:33:09+01:0024 October 2023|Curtains, Door Curtains, Thermal Insulation|

Embrace Warmth and Comfort As the temperature drops and the leaves begin to fall, we all yearn for a cosy and warm home during the colder months. While central heating and insulation play crucial roles in maintaining a comfortable indoor environment, one often overlooked element can significantly contribute to keeping [...]

3 08, 2023

Laura Ashley Celebrates 70 Years

2023-08-04T10:14:38+01:003 August 2023|Curtain Poles, Fabric Collections, Laura Ashley|

70 Years of Excellence Laura Ashley, renowned for 70 years of design excellence, stands as one of the most cherished home and lifestyle brands globally. Laura Ashley's impact on British interiors remains unparalleled, with its extensive archive standing as a testament to its influence. The journey of this lifestyle brand [...]

1 06, 2023

Ideal Blinds for the Kitchen

2023-06-01T15:57:09+01:001 June 2023|Blinds|

Functionality The kitchen is one of the most functional rooms in the house. Not only does it serve a purpose for preparing and cooking meals it is also used as a gathering place for family and friends to socialise over drinks and meals. With most modern homes being open plan kitchen, [...]

1 05, 2023

Matching Curtains, Blinds and Home Furnishings

2023-05-11T12:02:06+01:001 May 2023|Blinds, Curtains, Cushions, Home Furnishings, Lampshades, Layering|

Effective Layering Curtains and blinds can be layered to create more privacy within your home, control the light that enters and even keep your home more insulated. At Sue Cardy we suggest a sheer Voile Roman blind if you wish to still let some light into your home but would [...]

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