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Cushions to match Curtains & Blinds

Cushions are a versatile and functional addition to any space. Not only do they provide comfort and support, but they also add a decorative element to your home décor. Whether you are looking for a splash of colour, a subtle texture or a cosy warm feel, cushions can help you achieve the look that you want.

Custom Made to order Cushions

There are a few things to consider when choosing cushions for your home. Firstly the size and shape must fit the furniture you wish to place it on without being too big that it overwhelms the space. The material is important as different fabrics offer different levels of comfort and durability. Cotton and linen fabrics are breathable and soft whereas velvet and faux fur can add a more luxurious feel to your space. There are also some fabrics that are better suited for outdoor use such as polyester which is more of a waterproof material.

Bespoke Cushions

At Sue Cardy we can make bespoke cushions of any size or shape to order. You may have a specific material that you would like made into a cushion or you can arrange an appointment to visit our showroom to choose your fabric. We can match cushions to curtains and blinds that we make for you. We can also finish the cushions with fancy trimmings or leave plain.

Examples of Soft Furnishings

Lampshades to match Curtains & Blinds

Lampshades are an essential element in home décor that can transform a simple lamp into a statement piece. A lampshade not only diffuses the light but also adds texture and colour to the room.

Bespoke Lampshades

At Sue Cardy we can create the perfect lampshade to complement the space that you would like it to go into within a room in your home. We can work with the same fabric as your curtains and blinds, or we can use a contrasting fabric to make it stand out as a more statement piece.


We can also upholster a variety of furniture in a fabric of your choice.  Perhaps you would like to choose a fabric that will complement your curtains, cushions, lampshades and other soft furnishings in the room.

Get in touch to arrange a visit to our showroom based at Sywell Aerodrome, Northampton to choose a fabric for your soft furnishings and we can fulfil your order.

We Offer The Following:

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    Made to measure and fitted by our experts

    Professionally Measured

    All soft furnishings are measured correctly to fit the product that is being created. Cushion covers are made to fit snugly around the cushion.

    Hand Made

    Our cushions, lampshades and other soft furnishings are handmade with care by Sue Cardy using high quality materials and machinery

    Perfectly Fitted

    Your lampshades and other soft furnishings will be fitted at a time that suits you and will be fitted perfectly by our experienced team


    Our products come with our own guarantee against any manufacturing defaults including replacement or repair

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