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Fundraising for Cynthia Spencer Hospice

28 November 2023|

£262.18 Raised for Cynthia Spencer At Sue Cardy we have been raising money for Cynthia Spencer Hospice. In our shop we have been selling fabric remnants and discontinued fabric books in our shop based [...]

Keeping Your Curtains Neat and Tidy

2 November 2023|

The Art of Curtain Tie Backs Curtains are an essential element in interior decor, adding warmth, style, and privacy to any room. However, maintaining the pristine and polished appearance of your curtains can be [...]

The Role of Door Curtains in Autumn & Winter

24 October 2023|

Embrace Warmth and Comfort As the temperature drops and the leaves begin to fall, we all yearn for a cosy and warm home during the colder months. While central heating and insulation play crucial [...]