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Inspiration for your home

Ideal Blinds for the Kitchen

1 June 2023|

Functionality The kitchen is one of the most functional rooms in the house. Not only does it serve a purpose for preparing and cooking meals it is also used as a gathering place for family [...]

  • Matching-Curtains-Cushions

Matching Curtains, Blinds and Home Furnishings

1 May 2023|

Effective Layering Curtains and blinds can be layered to create more privacy within your home, control the light that enters and even keep your home more insulated. At Sue Cardy we suggest a sheer [...]

  • Bathroom-Venetian-Blinds

Suitable Blinds for Bathrooms

1 April 2023|

The bathroom serves an essential purpose in any household. Being highly functional rooms used by the whole family, safety and optimal cleanliness standards are very important. When fitting a new bathroom, it is important [...]