Choosing the Right Poles and Tracks for Your New Curtains

When choosing new curtains for your home you also need to consider the accessories that you are going to be using with those curtains. These include curtain tie backs and curtain poles and tracks. Curtain tie backs help keep curtains looking neat and tidy whereas curtain poles and tracks play an important role in keeping your curtains in place. In our latest inspirational post we look into selecting appropriate poles and tracks and why it is crucial for achieving both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Consider the Weight of your Curtains

One of the primary factors to contemplate when selecting curtain poles and tracks is the weight of your curtains. Heavy drapes require robust and sturdy poles or tracks to ensure they hang securely and maintain their elegant appearance over time. On the other hand, lighter curtains can be complemented with more delicate materials, providing a balance that ensures your window treatments are both practical and visually pleasing.

Match the Style of the Room

Curtain poles and tracks are not just a functional necessity, they are also an extension of your home’s style. Consider the existing decor when choosing poles and tracks. For traditional interiors, ornate and classic designs might be the perfect fit, while modern and minimalist spaces can benefit from sleek, simple poles and tracks. Don’t forget to factor in colour when choosing new curtains; coordinating with your curtain fabric or other elements in the room can tie everything together seamlessly. At Sue Cardy we can help create matching items such as cushions, lampshades and other soft furnishings which can look very effective.

Materials Matter

Consider the materials of the curtain poles and tracks to ensure they harmonise with the overall design of the room. Wooden poles exude warmth and are ideal for classic interiors, while metal options such as stainless steel or brass lend a contemporary and industrial vibe.

Versatility and Functionality

The versatility and functionality of curtain poles and tracks should not be overlooked. Corded curtain poles and tracks, offer smooth gliding mechanisms, making it easy to open and close curtains, while others may include additional features such as motorised operation for added convenience.

Professionally Fitted

It is important to have your windows accurately measured to ensure a proper fit, and consider whether you want ceiling-mounted or wall-mounted options based on the layout of your space. At Sue Cardy we can measure your windows and offer a variety of curtain poles and tracks which we can professionally fit your window. We also offer motorised curtain poles and tracks which are becoming increasingly popular.

Our Advice

When in doubt, seeking advice from a local Northampton curtains and blinds specialist can be extremely helpful. At Sue Cardy, we can guide you on the best choices for your specific needs, ensuring that your curtain poles and tracks not only serve their practical purpose but also elevate the overall aesthetic of your home.

Choosing the right curtain poles and tracks involves a careful consideration of weight, style, functionality, and coordination with existing decor. By paying attention to these details, you can transform your curtains into a captivating feature that seamlessly integrates with your home’s overall design.

Examples of Our Curtain Poles and Tracks