Effective Layering

Curtains and blinds can be layered to create more privacy within your home, control the light that enters and even keep your home more insulated.

At Sue Cardy we suggest a sheer Voile Roman blind if you wish to still let some light into your home but would like to have that bit more privacy.

Pairing a blind with curtains lets you add some style to your windows while creating a cosy room at night. With a blackout lining you can block out any unwanted light to help get a better night’s sleep. Curtains also add extra insulation to your windows which helps control the heat in the winter.

Mixing Blinds and Curtains

When we talk about having blinds and curtains in the same room we don’t always mean in the same window. In a room with multiple windows such as an open plan kitchen / diner, you may want a roller blind or Venetian blind for the window by the kitchen sink but for the patio doors you might want to choose either vertical blinds or long curtains. Curtains help prevent any drafts in the winter and keep the room feeling cosy.

Pretty Patterns

If you wish to layer curtains and blinds together then we suggest mixing patterns and plains. Choosing a bold pattern to suit the rest of the interior design works well for curtains. You can then choose a colour from the patterned curtains to use as a solid-coloured blind.

At Sue Cardy we can make matching cushions and lampshades to your chosen fabric which helps tie all your home furnishings in together and can create a stylish look.