Enhancing Wellness

As we are heading into Autumn it is important to focus on our wellbeing and mental health. Many people don’t realise the impact that light has on our happiness and with the darker mornings and evenings, the days feel shorter and the amount of natural light that we are exposed to is limited.

We spend approximately 90% of our day indoors, which is why it is important to make sure that we are getting the most amount of light into our homes to help our overall wellbeing.

Modern homes are being designed by using more glass to help regulate warmth or coolness according to the season, manage light levels, preserve privacy, and enhance decor which can all evoke positive emotional and mental responses.

Effective employment of shading can elevate the perceived indoor air quality, making it significant for those working from home or simply seeking relaxation. Shading products such as curtains and blinds can actively support both the physical and mental wellbeing of individuals.


Most of us do not realise that the quality of the indoor environment has a substantial influence on our efficiency and productivity. A poor quality indoor ambience has been associated with increased sick leave, decreased work performance, and compromised mental wellbeing.

Eye strain and headaches can result from glare and reflections. Employers are obligated to facilitate the management of light and glare from windows within an individual’s workspace.

For both commercial and domestic properties, implementing shading solutions can effectively enhance thermal, visual, and acoustic comfort, consequently promoting heightened productivity and efficiency. We suggest vertical blinds which can be partially closed when there is too much glare and opened again to let the natural light flow through.

Managing Glare

It has been proven that people prefer natural daylight over artificial lighting so it is important to bring in as much natural light into our homes as possible. Unfortunately by doing this we then have to deal with issues such as harsh sunlight and glare which can adversely affect an individual’s performance, inducing negative emotional responses, eye strain, and headaches.

These effects can significantly impact productivity while working remotely and can affect one’s overall personal wellbeing.

Curtains and blinds can be used as vital tools to create a more comfortable and productive environment, both within the home and the workplace. Shading solutions play a crucial role in regulating light, ensuring that daylight remains within comfortable levels, preventing discomfort caused by glare and reflections.

Privacy and Security Solutions

Ensuring privacy and security remains a paramount concern for all individuals.

Shading solutions serve a dual purpose by offering both functional separation from the external environment and contributing significantly to mental wellbeing through added privacy.

Many modern homes and offices are built with large windows which is great for allowing natural light to flow through, but in can raise privacy concerns especially when facing public areas like streets and open spaces.

Finding the right shading solutions for your home can help make your home more private and more secure. It is important to keep your personal possessions away from view and curtains and blinds can act a deterrent against potential intrusions.

At Sue Cardy we can help to advise you on the best shading solution for your home from the use of curtains and sheers, along with a variety of blinds. We also offer motorised blinds which can be an effective security measure, allowing remote control of shading and creating the illusion of occupancy within the building. When you are away you can set timers to make sure that your blinds are being opened and closed at various times of the day.